In college you made the leap and joined a fraternity.  It was either one of the best or worst decisions you have ever made.  Now, as you begin your journey into fatherhood, you are worried.  How will you handle it?  You haven’t read any books yet and you are wondering, “Am I ready for this”.  The good news is that yes, you are completely ready for it.  The time you spent at the fraternity has given you all of the training you need.

Welcome to your invitation into the fatherhood fraternity

You may think, “Bro, why should I trust you?”  Well, you probably shouldn’t.  I started writing this blog 3 weeks after my first daughter was born.  I am sleep deprived and surviving on coffee.  When I brought up the idea to my wife she immediately blurted out “You have been a father for 3 weeks and think you know enough to write a book??”  

Seriously, this is not a guide written by an expert and you should have guessed that given the title.  That being said, what follows is my compilation of tips and tricks or things that I wish I would have known before my daughter was born (or at least known before they happened at 2 in the morning).  Also, I responsibility drank only one pumpkin beer tonight instead of playing 6 games of beer pong like you did while your pregnant wife uncomfortably could not sleep so yeah, you can trust me a bit.  

There are plenty of better books that you should read instead of this blog.  This is NOT the end all, be all guide to being a great father.  It is a quick collection of things I am surprised I didn’t read in other books 

But let’s be real, you would rather spend time with your bros than reading another 300 page manifesto backed by studies and years of experience.

You got this … you are going to be a great Dad.